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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Formal Processes in Papirus

One of the more powerful Papirus tools is the possibility of making formal business processes automatic. For example, you can tailor the process for approving administrative policy documents and access to information systems; you can also manage client inquiry logs. Papirus makes it easy to monitor the stages of execution and to analyze the efficiency of certain processes.
If you want to customize a business process, you need to create a project, invite team members and tailor the step-by-step execution in the Workflow tab. It can have any number of steps and a specific member can participate in a many steps at once.
When you add a task to such a project, it automatically appears in the task list of each step 1 participant. The team members can approve or decline the task. When all the members have expressed their opinions, the task moves on to step 2 and appears in the inbox of all step 2 participants, etc. When all the steps have been completed, the task remains only in the Responsible member’s list of tasks; this person can close it.
If a task is part of two or more projects with customized workflow, their workflows are joined. That is, in order for a task to pass step 1, each step 1 member of each project must have given feedback on the task.
As the task goes through the steps of execution, the workflow can be changed – participants can be added to or deleted from any step. All the changes are recorded in the task’s comment feed.
You can repeat a request for approval; in that case, the task goes back to the corresponding step.

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