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Thursday, December 8, 2011

How do I work in Papirus?

Register on the website. Papirus is a service for team work; this is why it’s best to use your work email address and invite a few colleagues right away.
You can set and assign tasks to yourself and to other people. If you don’t see a colleague in the list – invite them. Papirus will send an invitation via email.
Oh, and by the way – if your corporate email is hosted by Google, you can log into Papirus by following the “Log in with Google Apps” link on the home page.
When you log into the system, you see a list of tasks that you are currently responsible for. When you go into the task, you can write a comment, attach files and assign the task to somebody else. Then the task will disappear from your To Do list and appear in the list of the person who is now responsible for it.
You can set a due date for a task. Overdue tasks will be colored red, and the tasks that are due today will be brown.
All the tasks ever set by you can be seen in the By Me list. This list is very convenient for following “hanging” tasks – ones that have been assigned to a certain employee but have been ignored by him for a few days.
When a task is accomplished, it can be closed. If somebody closes a task created by me, it is crossed out in my list. I can then go into the task and make sure everything has been done correctly. If something needs to be specified or completed, the task can be re-opened.
To organize your own time, you can break your tasks into different lists, which is easily done by dragging it by the area to the left of the task name; the lists are as follows:
  • Inbox – all new tasks appear in this folder by default
  • Today – tasks that you are planning to complete by the end of the workday
  • Next – tasks that you are planning to work on today if you have time
  • Scheduled – tasks that you do not want to see until a certain day. On that day, the task will automatically move into the Today
  • Someday – tasks that you would like to accomplish, but you are not sure when you will have time for them.
You can check a few tasks and move them to any list in one command
If I reassign a task, Papirus sends an email notification to the person now responsible for it. The person can reply to the message right in the email program, without logging into Papirus. Then the reply, together with any attachments, will be automatically saved in Papirus and the task will be reassigned back to me.
After becoming familiar with Papirus, it might be practical to install the mobile application for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7. Then new task notifications will immediately appear on your mobile phone.
The Papirus interface is especially convenient and easy to use on tablet computers. It can completely replace traditional GTD applications, supplementing them with the convenience of teamwork.
Papirus is amazingly easy!

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