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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who has access to a task?

You can see who has access to a task by clicking on the lock icon on the right of the top toolbar.
If you have access to a task, you can find it through the search bar, read all the information on the task and take any necessary action.
You can gain access to a task by one of the following:
  • by being its author
  • by being the person the task is assigned to
  • by being included in the task’s list of approvals
  • by being a team member of an open project the task is tied to
Thus, if you were assigned a task, did some work on it and sent it on the next responsible person, you can always come back to the task later, specify or add something, change due dates, assign it to somebody else, etc.
On the other hand, if two people in your company exchange messages related to a task, nobody but them sees these messages.
If you created a project and included a few colleagues as members of the project team, then all the project tasks automatically become open to all of the members. If you do not want this level of accessibility, you can change the project’s access level to Limited – then only the administrators will see all the project tasks.
If you remove a member from a project team, that person will lose access to all project tasks (except for the tasks where this member was specifically listed as the responsible party or as one of the approving members).
If the company’s administrator fires a person, that person immediately loses access to all Papirus tasks.

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